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Long long time ago a poor farmer lived in China. This farmer invent for his emperor the chess game. The emperor was so happy with this game that he let the farmer choose what he want as reward. Finally the farmer choosed a chess board. The chess board contains 64 fields (8 x 8) and on the first field the farmer wanted 1 rice grain, on the second field he wanted the double number of rice grains, so (2 x 1=) 2 rice grains. On the third field again the double number of rice grains, so (2 x 2=) 4 rice grains and so on until the last field of the chess board. The emperor laughed when he heard the farmers wish. Normally a person whishes as reward his weight in gold. But this simple farmer just asked a simple chess board with a few rice grains. That was a cheap reward and he nodded his head to grant the wish.
The emperor regretted his decision as soon the numbers of fields of the chess board were filled with rice grains. Because the number of rice grains was more the just a fist of grains.

Finally it appeared that the emperor needed all his belongings and still he had not full filled the wish of the farmer. Even if you use all rice grains which grow on the earth then still it is not enough to full fill the wish of the poor, but smart farmer.

What is the link with Genealogy? Apparently nothing but our
ancestors multiplied them per generation according to the same mathematical formula. Each person has 2 parents, 4 grand parent, 8 grand grand parents and so on. If each century there are living 4 generations then we have in 16 centuries the same amount as the chess board has fields.
When we go 20 generations back in time (around 1500 AC) then we have in that generation  524.288 persons (in the same year 1500 AC there were 1 million people living in the Netherlands)

In practice all these persons in that generation are not all different persons.

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