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Using a Pedigree you look from the trunk of the tree (e.g. for us Perry or Maureen) to the ancestors.
If you want to see the Pedigree of Perry and Maureen click above on "Pedigree".
To see the Pedigree in a more clearly overview you can click on "Pedigree sheet".

We are looking for the parents of the father and the parents of the mother and their parents resulting in a nice even and uniform tree. Of course because everybody has or had a father and a mother.
By Clicking "Circular Chart 5 generations" you can see the nice even uniform tree which shows 5 generations.
Of course you can see 6 generations in a circular chart by clicking "CC 6 generations" and so on.
The higher in the tree, the more empty places are shown. That is because I have to do more research.

If you do not use Acrobat Reader yet then you can download it for free by clicking on the picture.