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23-12-2019: Genealogical Tree - updated + correction family wapen + minor updates
18-08-2017: Website again online (after long time of absence)
Genealogical Tree - updates from families Verra and Schut
Genealogical Tree - updates from Dieter van schagen including family wapen
02-10-2008: Genealogical Tree - updates Hoffman with compliments to Johan Hoffman
10-02-2008: Genealogical Tree - updates Dalebou(d)t with compliments to Dille de Jong -Daleboudt
22-10-2007: Genealogical Tree - photo's added with compliments to Tineke Fros
Genealogical Tree updates with compliments to Dille de Jong -Daleboudt
24-08-2007: Genealogical Tree updates after visit Nationaal Archief and
Genealogical Tree updates with compliments to Dille de Jong -Daleboudt
11-02-2007: Updates with regards to grandmother Buzepol-Verra
03-02-2007: Updates with regards to
14-01-2007: Changes due to Internet Explorer 7.0
30-12-2006: Page Info en subpages converted to the house style.
12-11-2005: Page Info updated with explanation of Pedigree, Descendant and Genealogy.
23-10-2005: Correction with regards to Nadine van Schagen.
03-08-2005: Updates after visit to archive "Stadarchief Vlaardingen".
28-04-2005: Photo's of van forefathers and -mothers with regards to Arie van Schagen and Riek Fros.
18-04-2005: Updates Vital Records via and translated in readable Dutch.
20-02-2005: Updates of Verra and Schut with regards to Theo Naberhuis.
04-08-2004: Updates Fros with regards to Tineke Fros.
03-06-2004: Updates of van Schagen after visit of the National Dutch Archive.
24-11-2003: Of course an update now Maureen van Schagen has born.
28-10-2003: Updates Buzepol with regards to Jan Buzepol (