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Family Tree


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How did we started?
Before we started to create a family Tree we have gathered information from family members. After that we tested some computer programs and we have chosen the program PRO-GEN. Further we visited the National Archive in Den Haag and visited different local municipal archives. I also visisted city archives like Vlaardingen and after many checks I am ready to investigate also other streams.

The oldest van Schagen we have found is
Sievert van Schagen (born around 1505) The registers did no went further than 1660 and via the city archiver and notarial deedwe discovered the next generation. To prevent that the family tree becomes too big, (see also the story by "Info Ė Background Info") we limited to the "van Schagen's" and their children. In the mean time, I am also investigating "Fros" and "Verra".

Funny detail?
Nice to know is that we discovered that the Buzepol family and the van Schagen's family already were connected (via some links). Diana Pieksma, daughter of Jeanne Pieksma-van Schagen, is married with Arend van der Meulen. This is the cousin of Ada van der Meulen who is married with Jan Buzepol.
, Jan Buzepol is the uncle of Henriette and Jeanne Pieksma-van Schagen is an aunt of Jaap.